Lonlife Online Game ping Accelerator——NO LAG,JUST FAST!

How To Reduce lag of Online Games with Lonlife Accelerator

Step 1. Download and Install Lonlife

Download Lonlife Online Game ping Accelerator. After the download is finished,follow the installation wizard instructions to install the program on your PC.

Step 2. Account Creation

Click"Sign Up" to create a Lonlife account.

Step 3. Top Up Lonlife

Head to the Buy Now page to top up your lonlife account.Type in your Lonlife account and password to top up it. We only support Paypal for users who not living out in Chian at the moment. If finished,you can get the details in the Personal Center.

Step 4. Reduce lag with Lonlife

Here I will take the JX Online 3 (Mainland China)for example to introduce HowTo reduce ping whith lonlife Booster.

① Login Lonlife Client

Login lonlife client with created lonlife account.

② Add Game you want to reduce lag

Click "ADD Game" or"添加游戏" and choose JX Online 3 (剑侠情缘叁_国服) to start reduce ping as following:

③ Start Reduce ping

It will start accelerate automatically after you click "启动加速"(Start Reduce Ping)

After that, all you need to do is start the JX Online 3 Mainland China Launcher and it'll automatically be accelerated by Lonlife.

It's pretty simple setup and the client itself works very nicely.

As for other hot Chinese Online Games like Revelation 天谕 Online,Moonlight Blade,Monster Hunter Online,League of Legends Chinese server,World of Warcraft Chinese server or Call of Duty Online CN,users also could get more faster and stable connection by Lonlife.